Sunday was one of those great winter days; chilly, breezy and cloudy, but with the cloud gradually melting away and the sun doing its best to warm us up.  Standing in the middle of a huge grass airfield in January all day might not be everyone's idea of fun, but much fun was had by all, judging by the breadth of the smiles.  Sunshine, blue skies, good friends, a great sport and the Cloudbase winch...what more could we ask for?!


Six qualified hill pilots were trained and all would have achieved their Tow rating but for a couple of launches to achieve the BHPA minimum requirement of ten each.  To earn such high praise from the CFI, who would have been happy to sign everyone off, is testament to the skill and concentration of the pilots - well done folks!!  

Thanks to Dave and all at South Cerney for allowing us to use their fabulous airfield.

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