The week is shaping up nicely with hill training on Rudlers on Monday in the light morning conditions before it became too strong and thermic and a day out yesterday training on the airfield and winching with students and other pilots.

Yesterday we had Frank and Marcus on their courses and doing their tasks and progressing really well. We had Ian who is CP Tow out on a hill conversion course but also getting some airtime on the winch and having a great time. As it’s now springtime and during the stronger middle part of the day they were ground handling and getting use to reverse launches and the students came on really well and great to see such good ground handling by the end of the day. We had Rob out on his tow conversion course doing really well and who qualified at the end of the day. David was out doing this CP tasks and successfully completed all the CP tow tasks, flew really well and by the end of the day was signed off CP Tow. He carries on with his CP Hill tasks to complete before his training is complete. A big well done to him and the rest of the Cloudbasers who seized the opportunity to get a day out training.

Looks like there will be more training before the week is out and you will agree this is a great start to the year and hope it continues.

As we move into much stronger conditions in the spring from that experienced during the clam winter months we have to be flexible in matching students and the stage they are at in their training to the conditions of a given day so keep booking in folks which makes it easier to plan in advance. Decisions on days can be very last minute but if it’s flyable we will be out.

Some pcs from Nik here:

Lee, Coxy and Tomasz

Also a little video clip showing an end of day / early evening winch.