Another really good day out winching with students.  After an early start in the morning the students ventured onto the airfield and braved the -6 degrees to progress their courses and training which is really great to see.  With the high pressure forecast today it was a bit changable with wind direction but with the winch it was easy to move around this.  The sun came out in the afternoon which warmed things up nicely and the little thermals that made the circuits of the airfield really nice and boyant for everyone.

We had Tim and Graham on their EP course and flying really well, great to see. Tim completed his EP too today and got into circuits of the field, fantastic! Marcus and Frank doing well on their EP and only one more day for completion.  We had Pete who had joined the merry Cloudbasers to do his tow endorsement course and he passed later in the day, well done Pete. Ann was flying excellently and doing circuits and some refresher training. David has completed his EP now and doing circuits of the airfield on his CP course, what a smile Cool   A big welcome to Heather for completing her first day with us and her first time on the tow, we can still hear the whooppeee's!!!!  What a great start to the year and lots more we hope!  Keep booking in folks.


As a footnote we were also out flying on the 29th Jan once the mist cleared and grabbed the few hours with David and others on their EPs and CPs and a taster day.  If it's flyable we will be out flying!