What an epic last few days 13th and 14th January 2012 at the Cloudbase Paragliding camp at South Cerney airfield and great to meet so many wonderful people interested in Paragliding.  On both days I arrived to frost on the ground and lovely blue skies and almost perfect flying/winching conditions.  Both Lee and Simon working their socks off to make the most out of the days.  Wow where to start and what a start to the year...


On Friday there was David Perry completing his EP practical course and ready to move on to his CP course, well done mate excellent flying.   Our colorful flying friends in the Cloudbase pose Jaroslaw and Piotr and my wingman John Morgan completing their tow conversions well done.... looking forward to some cross country flights from South Cerney this year.  Also on Friday a big well done to Frank and Marcus who were on their taster days.  They started on the tandem with Simon and then were flying solo by the end of the day.  We always remember our first flight and they won't forget theirs.  Well done!

Yesterday it was great to see Emma getting through her CP tasks, David Wallen finishing his EP and Norman Graham finishing his EP and his maiden flight on his brand spanking new Team 5 GreenB and harness.  The smiles told it all he loves it :-)))  John we don't need to worry about the colours the wing is custom and very lovely.   Great to see Andy Cook finishing off his CP and Kirsty Cameron started her tow conversion.  On top of that I met Tim Farmer and Dorian on their taster days.  Both never stopped smiling and Tim 'yes its epic, let's do more' :-)

I just went to lend a hand and do a bit of flying with Matt Rawlings and Steven Hesling and was rewarded with two great flights at sunset with the guys.  On Friday I got winched to an amazing 1800 feet above the ground in nil wind to fly down the motorway and back over the terminal buildings.. more playing around then landing, it was fun.  Steven was rewarded with the same on Saturday with his new wing to test fly.

Looking forward to many more days!!!!

Cheers all

Some pics of the two days - click to view larger.



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