Another great day’s training today for our CP students. We had the whole of Milk Hill to ourselves.

Congratulations to John, Peter and Alison on some great flying. All three completed soaring tasks and Alison on her first day soaring completed 3 top landings, go girl.

Looks like the morning could produce more of the same.

Fingers crossed.

Another great days training on our Tow field today in perfect weather conditions. Four tasterdays complete and one tow endoresment. Full story tomorrow as I have just walked in.

Well done to all great flying.

Congratulations to Nik Valiris and John Morgan for completing their first UK cross country flights today from Combe Gibbet.

Nik and John are ex students of Cloudbase and have been away on our overseas trips to Slovenia and Lanzarote where they have been practicing their thermalling technique. Well all the hard work paid off today, it was great to see you both leaving the hill after I had set the goal to Andover and competently flying down wind and selecting a suitable field to land in, you have made your CFI very proud. Official distances have not been verified but are around the 15-20km mark.

All I need to do now is re sign write the Cloudbase tuck to read Cloudbase Groupie retrieve Taxi.

Well done again.


Cloudbase once again took advantage of a small weather window on Monday and managed to get 3.5 hours of training done with their student, from 17:30 until 21:00

Congratulations Mike, on completing soaring, top landings, slope landings and reverse launching.

The video below shows how well Mike flew, well done.


Mike Stone CP Student from Lee Bligh on Vimeo.


Another fantastic days towing at our airfield, congratulations to Peter, Ann and John for completing your Club Pilot exam and for John for qualifying Club Pilot Tow, he now joins us as part of our free club.

Well done to all.


Once again, the Cloudbase Slovenia courses have been a great success with two great groups, lots of fun and laughter, and fantastic sunny days with lots of hours flown.


The first week was for the students, and what fun week they had. We had Thee and Chris Hyde back again and newcomers John and Ann Wallace along with Pete and Alison. We also had to contend with the Chuckle Brothers (AKA Nick Valiris and John Morgan!) who were out for warm up before the big flights the following week, and Fi Burgess doing the same.

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Congratulations to both Matthew and Jonathan Perry for completing their Tandem flights with us. Their dad David had originally booked himself in for a taster day but the wind was just a little strong so he chose instead to sacrifice his day for two tandems for his boys. What a top dad.

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