We had a great day on Milk Hill yesterday, Congratulations to Ian for passing his EP exam and for completing his first soaring flight. Emma for passing her CP tow exam and for getting rid of some demons by completing an excellent reverse launch and soar. Rob for getting 100% in his CP exam and for his first attempt at soaring and lastly to Jon Perry for completing his CP hill in record time. Jon is 16 and the most mature sixteen year old I have ever meet. Well done mate keep up the good work.

Oops I nearly forgot to thank the two tandem passengers, I hope you enjoyed the ride, thermals are fun aren’t they ye ha!!!!
Cloudbase Paragliding has yet again managed a few days training despite the bad weather we have been having lately. They have been finding small breaks in the weather to get some training done. Congratulations to both David Perry and Andy Cook for completing your CP Hill and to Jonathan Perry for EP Hill and for some great flying on Monday. Lets hope for an improvement soon so those waiting for training can carry on again soon.

Cloudbase Paragliding Training from Lee Bligh on Vimeo.

Well done to both ladies on their tandem flights on a sunny late afternoon on Combe Gibbet. Although it was light winds we made the most of the conditions and got some lovely flying with the other paragliders and a hot air balloon. Just a gorgeous evening.

Hope to see you you both again very soon.

Lee and all those at Cloudbase Paragliding.



At Cloudbase Paragliding we are proud to be the U.K dealer for the all new Triple Seven (777) Paragliders and Team Five.  Book your demo today!


The all new 777 Rook (EN-B) high end XC glider is now certified in Medium and Large and the Small will be certified shortly.


Triple Seven XC Superstar

ROOK is the glider made for intermediate pilots dreaming of cross-country flying adventures. Glider’s technical design is based on the experience and technology of competition wings, with great emphasis on ease of flight and safety. After extensive computer work technical design development, numerous test flights and comparisons, the glider is finally finished and ready for production. Glider has passed EN-B, LTF-B certification.

Designers thoughts

"Our design goal from the beginning of this project, was to make an easy fun flying cross country glider, that would satisfy the needs of broad range of pilots. As always we were trying to make better and higher performance glider then available on the market. This glider is no exception, as we took great care of both aspects trough out our whole development process. So while testing and improving the glider for safety and ease of flight, we were always comparing it with other gliders and we must say that we are really happy with the results."

Who is this glider for

This wing is high performance EN-B, LTF-B class certification glider intended for intermediate to advanced pilots, that wants safety and high performance in its class.


Main features 

  • Progressive handling, offering easy and precise control characteristics
  • Profile and trim speed optimized for good climbing
  • Balanced wing tension, together with leading and trailing edge reinforcements for greater stability and good gliding performance on wide speed range
  • Optimized geometry of suspension lines and materials for reduced drag and better gliding performance
  • Good pitch stability and ease of piloting
  • Light weight and easy launch control
  • Unique race look
  • EN-B, LTF-B certification

Package includes:

  • Glider ROOK
  • Backpack
  • Inner bag
  • Glider strap
  • Triple Seven T-shirt
  • USB key with manual

Technical data and sizes

Number of cells 53 53 53
Projected area (m2) 20.7 22.4 24.1
Flat area (m2) 24.5 26.5 28.5
Projected span (m) 9.2 9.5 9.9
Flat span (m) 11.608 12.073 12.52
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.095 4.095 4.095
Flat aspect ratio 5.5 5.5 5.5
Root Chord (m) 2.642 2.748 2.849
Lines total (m) 237
Glider weight (kg) 4.7
In-flight weight range (kg) 70-90 85-105 100-120
Certification LTF/EN In process B B
Test report (pdf) download
Line plan and lengths (pdf) EN GER EN GER
Technical data, materials, risers (pdf) EN GER EN GER
Packing ROOK EN GER Video EN GER Video
Latest manual EN GER EN GER
para-test.com - data
Mean minimum speed 24km/h
Trim speed 38km/h
Full speed 52km/h



Top surface NCV 9092-E85A, NCV 9017-E77A
Internal construction NCV  9017-E29A , polyamide rods, dacron
Bottom surface NCV 9017-E68A
Risers 4 Harken 467 16mm ball bearing pulley, webbing cousin 3455-12mm, Güth & Wolf 70 404/12,5mm
Lines edelrid unsheathed  lines

Another great days training today. Well done Jon Perry for completing your EP Hill qualification you flew very well. Well done also for some excellent ground handling skills,  great effort for your first attempt. It was also great to see Jonty and all the cloudbasers flying so well. It really has be an exceptional start to the season with 35 training days since the 09 Jan 2012. Lets hope for more of the same soon.

Lee, Coxy and Simon and all the little helpers Laughing

The week is shaping up nicely with hill training on Rudlers on Monday in the light morning conditions before it became too strong and thermic and a day out yesterday training on the airfield and winching with students and other pilots.

Yesterday we had Frank and Marcus on their courses and doing their tasks and progressing really well. We had Ian who is CP Tow out on a hill conversion course but also getting some airtime on the winch and having a great time. As it’s now springtime and during the stronger middle part of the day they were ground handling and getting use to reverse launches and the students came on really well and great to see such good ground handling by the end of the day. We had Rob out on his tow conversion course doing really well and who qualified at the end of the day. David was out doing this CP tasks and successfully completed all the CP tow tasks, flew really well and by the end of the day was signed off CP Tow. He carries on with his CP Hill tasks to complete before his training is complete. A big well done to him and the rest of the Cloudbasers who seized the opportunity to get a day out training.

Looks like there will be more training before the week is out and you will agree this is a great start to the year and hope it continues.

As we move into much stronger conditions in the spring from that experienced during the clam winter months we have to be flexible in matching students and the stage they are at in their training to the conditions of a given day so keep booking in folks which makes it easier to plan in advance. Decisions on days can be very last minute but if it’s flyable we will be out.

Some pcs from Nik here: https://picasaweb.google.com/114721726306131394852/WinchingAtTheStartOfSpring2012#

Lee, Coxy and Tomasz

Also a little video clip showing an end of day / early evening winch.

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Great hill training day out on our private flying sites Rudlers North and West.  As always an early start to the day with some theory practice then moving over to Rudlers North with the students, Tim, David, Norman, Andy and Emma and our resident cloudbasers John, Nik, Thee and Fi (Mrs Moose) who came over to enjoy the flying.  The conditions were perfect for the students geting used to hill and completing soaring and hill tasks but everyone getting lots of short flights in the lifty sunny morning air and flying really well.  Lots of ground handling paying dividends.

In the afternoon we moved round to Rudlers West with the change in wind direction and some of the students got a great chance to soar or fly down on the much larger Rudlers North hill until sunset.  Eveyone had a great day and lots of tasks completed, great flying from everyone and Tim well done with his soaring on Rudlers really well done...big smiles :-)


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